Kunming Preschool

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ID: 昆明市官渡区先策幼儿园


Yunxiu Shuyuan Campus of First Decision Kindergarten in Guandu District, Kunming was established in 2009. It is an important investment promotion project in the city’s efforts to develop international education in Yunnan province. It is the first kindergarten for international education landed in Kunming, and the flagship of First Decision in Southwest China. This campus, has over 500 kids, is a demonstration school appointed by Yunnan Provincial Department of Education and one of the most prestigious kindergartens in the province.

Kunming Preschool Kunming Preschool Kunming Preschool

The Program

Chinese Program

The Kunming Campus of First Decision Kindergarten adopts Creative Learning for Kids as the standard textbooks. Based upon the idea that children are the active participants in the learning process, this program creates scenarios for effective learning, ignite the kids’ curiosity to lead them on the way to explore, to ask questions, to think and in general enable them to construct the learning process for themselves for the achievement of integrated development.


English Program

The English learning materials Sunshine are used for English programs of the daycare, K1, K2 to K3 classes. The International Department provides half-day lessons in English on a daily basis, and the Bilingual Department provides one English lesson on a daily basis. In the teaching and learning activities, we provide English instructions in the style of ‘immersion’, creating perfect language learning environment in real scenes of daily life, and allowing the children plenty of opportunities for practice with a distinctive focus on listening and speaking abilities. This proves to be a very effective way to lead our kids step by step into an English world of confidence and fun.


Special Courses

1. Talent Development Courses
We provide a wide range of regular courses including dance, yoga for kids, rollerblade, soccer, basketball lessons and an additional wide range of optional courses including Taekwondo, shared book reading, pottery, vocal music, Chinese painting, art and piano lessons.

2. Chinese Classics Courses
Lessons on Standards for Students, Three Character Classic, Three Hundred Poems of the Tang Dynasty.


Campus Facilities

We create an exciting world for fun and knowledge for the kids, featuring merry-go-round, tram train, naughty castle, library, dance and yoga classroom, mini theater, piano classroom, art classroom, indoor tennis court, mini golf course, science classroom and dressing room, etc.


Classroom Facilities

Each classroom of the International Department is equipped with computer, electronic piano, CD player, humidifier, sterilization machine, imported drinking water system and toys and learning materials supplied by the US manufacturer Kaplan. Each classroom of the Bilingual Department is equipped with computer, electronic organ, CD player, humidifier, sterilization machine, imported drinking water system and toys and learning materials supplied by Qisile.


Other Amenity Services

1.    Monthly lectures for the parents on parent-kid relationship and connection;
2.    Chinese Traditional Medicine service for the children.

Our Location


Kunming First Decision (International) Kindergarten, Yunxiu Shuyuan (near the offices of Guandu District Government), Guandu District, Kunming city, Yunnan province.

Contact Number

Phone: 0871-64156070, 13658895050 (Miss Xu)
Fax: 15087165181 (Miss Z, hang)