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ID: 先策幼儿园


Beiyuan Campus of First Decision Kindergarten in Chaoyang District, Beijing, was established in the year 2005. This private daycare kindergarten is registered under License for Establishment of School No. 111010562000530. Situated in the Olympic Forest Park on the periphery of this 33,000-square -meter sports park, this campus offers an extensive space of 4,500 square meters for different activities. We have an exciting playground for kids, featuring water fountain, mobile wading pool, merry-go-round, tram train and naughty castle. Fully committed to the safety and health of our children, this campus is equipped with drinking water systems and imported from the US and serves our students with Chinese and Western snacks prepared in our own kitchen. This is a high profile campus, the flagship in northern Beijing, the first and largest of the First Decision Group. Now having more than 1,000 children on campus, it is also the largest private kindergarten in Chaoyang District, Beijing. As one of the largest private kindergartens in Beijing, we are greatly motivated by the recognition of the parents and the good reputation that has been growing around us. In 2009 and 2013, we won the awards of 'Best Private Kindergartens in China' and the Most Valuable Kindergarten Brands for Investment in China.

We are committed to the growth of First Decision Kindergarten into the best of its kind. In exploring the possibilities of the future generation, building a strong team of faculties, improving the quality of nursery and education, and developing our unique English and physics programs, we help our kids grow to their full potentials in experiencing the ‘Happiness that flows from health, wisdom and harmony’.

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The Program


English Program

The English learning materials Sunshine and Let’s Begin are used for English programs of the daycare, K1, K2 to K3 classes. The First and Second international departments provide half-day lessons in English on a daily basis, and the Third International Department provide one English lesson on a daily basis. In the teaching and learning activities, we provide English instructions in the style of ‘immersion’, creating perfect language learning environment in real scenes of daily life, and allowing the children plenty of opportunities for practice with a distinctive focus on listening and speaking abilities. This proves to be a very effective way to lead our kids step by step into an English world of confidence and fun.


Chinese Programs

Following the Kindergarten Courses for Happiness and Development, supplemented by the Integrated Textbooks for Kindergarten Activities, we conduct thematic teaching in the six areas including physical health, language, social skills, sciences, math and art to help the children build their comprehensive abilities. The characteristics of the Kindergarten Courses for Happiness and Development are: respect, relevance, happiness and development.

The Integrated Textbooks for Kindergarten Activities are based on the theory of multiple intelligences and organized around the key words ‘activities’ and ‘integration’. This set of textbooks is designed to ‘promote the overall development of the children by cultivating their multiple intelligences’ and ‘to promote the over development of the children by focusing on the five major areas’ through integrated, practical and inclusive activities.


Special Courses

Our special courses are designed to develop the multiple intelligences of the children, expand their interest in learning, explore their potentials, and in general cultivate their talents and promote a healthy and happy life. Each department offers regular special courses organized in consideration of the age and growth of the children throughout their routine daily activities. We offer a wide range of regular special courses including dance, piano, creative art, yoga for kids, rollerblade, tennis, Taekwondo, soccer, basketball and pottery lessons as well as an additional wide range of optional courses including Chinese martial arts, vocal music, musical notation and electronic drum lessons.


Classroom Facilities

Each classroom is equipped with electronic piano, air conditioner, CD player, washing machine, humidifier and imported drinking water system.


Special Activities

  • These activities are designed to build platforms for the children to cultivate their interest, improve their characters and be their true selves. The international experiences courses are organized to expand their visions and increase their learning efficiencies.
  • Experience Activities: games, physical activities, parent-child activities, off campus activities, etc.
  • Thematic Activities: Halloween carnivals, Christmas celebrations and funny sports meetings, etc.

Our Location


Tian Lang Yuan Jia#1
Bei Chen Lv Se Jiayuan B3
Bei Yuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100107 China

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