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ID: 先策恒爱国际幼儿园


Nangong Campus of First Decision Kindergarten in Fengtai District, Beijing, was established in the year 2014. Invested by Nangong Village in Wangzuo Town, Fengtai District, it was set up as a large campus for universal welfare, combining international early childhood education philosophies with the local needs for facilities of child care and development. It is a flagship kindergarten in the south of Beijing for public benefit. After two years of substantial construction and development for the purpose of contribution to the community, this campus now accommodates about 300 children. Upon the basis of our major curriculum, we have developed special programs, Traditional Chinese Classics, physical training, art lessons, extra-curriculum activities and training programs for parents to bring real benefit to a wider range of parents and kids. Now with outstanding bilingual programs, excellent team of faculties, pleasant environment and a high degree of parent recognition, this has grown into an exemplary kindergarten of First Decision in the south of Beijing. 

Beijing First Decision Kindergarten Beijing First Decision Kindergarten Beijing First Decision Kindergarten Beijing First Decision Kindergarten

The Program

Campus Features:

1. The campus hardware and software are on the level of or higher than the operationrequirements set down by the local educational authorities. In the ‘high investment, low return’ operational model, we have established a standard management system for the campus ground, outdoor facilities, indoor facilities, safety equipment, team of nurseries and teachers, as well as for the educational programs.
2. Curriculum
Chinese programs: Based on the Kindergarten Courses for Happiness and Development, we conduct thematic teaching for all grades by the Integrated Textbooks for Kindergarten Activities in the following five areas: physical health, language, social skills, sciences, and art.

English program: The UK materials of The Sunshine is used by means of TPR (Total Physical Response) in the style of ‘immersion’ for English learning.

Special Programs: Chinese traditional classics, physical exercise programs, art programs and safety training programs

Executive Team

Advisory Board

Tao Xiping
Tao Xiping
Honorary Principal
Su Jing
Su Jing
Director of Early Childhood Education Research Institute, Beijing Academy of Education Sciences


Professor Lydia Brawner
Professor Lydia Brawner
Team Leader for First Decision Research Program on the Teaching and Learning of Children’s Literature
Xie Liqing
Xie Liqing
Member of Beijing Research Association for Pre-School Education, Member of Chen Heqin Education Research Association
General Headmistress of First Decision Education, Headmistress of First Decision Kindergarten in Chaoyang District, Beijing

Having nearly 50 years of working experience in early childhood education, Madam Xie has won many honorary titles including ‘Best Teacher in...

Zou Jing
Zou Jing

Obtained her Master’s Degree in archeology from University of London, Madam Zou is now the Executive Director of The China Association for...


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