Head Teacher

Posted on Sunday, 22 January, 2017


  1. Implement the rules and regulations of the kindergarten and undertake the tasks assigned by the kindergarten;
  2. Follow the prescribed procedures for health, nursery and safety to ensure the safety and health of the children;
  3. Carefully organize education and teaching activities to promote the comprehensive development of the children;
  4. Coordinate with parents to promote good ideas and practices for child education and facilitate collaboration between the family and the kindergarten;
  5. Play an active part in education researches & discussions, study sessions, training programs and other collective activities.



  1. Academic background: junior college or above in the major of early child education, preschool education or other relevant field;
  2. Priority is given to those candidates with over one year of work experience as kindergarten teachers and those who demonstrate outstanding talent in performing arts, dance or musical instruments.
  3. Devotion to the education of children and good communication skills with parents;
  4. Patience, love of children, a thorough understanding of children’s psychology and habits;
  5. Standard mandarin, fluency and clarity of oral expression;
  6. Holder of the Teacher Certificate or the Nursery Governess Certificate.


Posted on Sunday, 22 January, 2017

Interns about to graduate in 2017 from junior college or above are welcome. As long as the candidate is devoted to child education and above the age of 20, no restriction is set on his/her major.

Other Qualifications

  1. Fluency and clarity of oral expression, standard mandarin (with no local accents);
  2. Good health and open and bright personality, love of children, patience, strong sense of responsibility;
  3. Honesty, integrity, hard-working, ability to deal with stress;
  4. Outstanding academic performance in school;
  5. Strong sense of discipline, a strong sense of responsibility and a good team player.


First Decision Education is a young and dynamic group. Our senior management is a team of Chinese, American and British elites. The commercial and education experts of this team make sure that our operation is conducted on a highly professional standard.

We provide very good payment packages and expect very good performances in return.

First Decision schools have directors with English education background and senior teachers to lead and inspire our team. We provide competitive salaries, apartments with excellent living environment serviced by a complete range of modern facilities, medical insurance, flight allowances and generous bonus.

Whether you are experienced or not, qualified or not, First Decision schools provide ample of opportunities for your professional development.

So even this might be an extraordinary work experience for Chinese teachers, we think, if you are looking for a challenging and valuable position and willing to work with those who respect you and support you, First Decision could be the answer.





  • flexibility, enthusiam & committment
  • friendly & committed management team
  • competitive packages
  • professional teachers – professional support


  • cpd is central
  • celta, cert tesol or equivalent


  • excellent conditions of service
  • long term career structure



We are always on the lookout for some resourceful and dynamic personalities to join our team.

If you are interested in any specific positions described above, please fill in the following form. We shall respond to you as soon as possible.